Know your glass: The Cocktail Glass

Fancy and highly functional, the martini (or cocktail) glass is the ideal glass for serving strong, chilled cocktails. Martini glasses typically hold 4 oz but can range up to 12 oz.  These glasses have a wide conical bowl and a tall stem, which allows the[…]


Behind the bar: Eddy Gerusa

On the corner of Rainey and Driskill Streets near Austin’s Colorado River sits Bar 96, a neighborhood-friendly pub.   Bartender and Manager Eddy Gerusa says, “It is basically a sports bar that’s not a sports bar. We like to view ourselves as a bar that[…]

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Behind the bar: Sarah Brigham

If there is one bar that would allow you to enjoy the sunshine of Austin while staying cool sipping a cold cocktail and watching a game, it would be The Dogwood located on West 6th Street. The Dogwood is a large patio bar that welcomes[…]


Garnish: The Lemon Wedge

In the creation of mixed drinks, lemon wedges are an indispensable garnish. They add a pop of color and a fancy touch to many highballs such as the Long Island Iced Tea or a rum cooler. They also add a punch of tart, citrus flavor[…]


Know your tool: The Cocktail Stirrer

A cocktail stirrer is an important tool used in the art of mixing drinks. The rule is to use it when the mixer is non-carbonated to combine the ingredients together. Stirrers are not used with carbonated mixers as the bubbles will do the mixing and[…]


Behind the bar: Tyler Smestad

In the Warehouse District of Downtown Austin sits a bar that is a portal to a time when people dressed up to travel and were given exceptional service while they flew to their destination. This time was 1950s, and the Hangar Lounge is the bar[…]


Know your glass: The Old Fashioned Glass

“I never drink water; that is the stuff that rusts pipes.” – W.C. Fields   You know things are getting serious when the Old Fashioned glass is whipped out. The customer ordering a beverage served in this glass actually likes the taste of alcohol. An[…]


Know your tool: The Hawthorne Strainer

If you want to concoct a perfectly-chilled cocktail, one tool you must have at your side is the Hawthorne strainer. No one wants their Cosmopolitan watered-down or their martini not “straight up,” and the Hawthorne strainer is just the tool for keeping those pesky ice[…]


Behind the bar: The Ball & Biscuit

The Ball and Biscuit can be described as a modern speakeasy; however, you will not have to secretively knock to enter, and you won’t find any bathtub gin. Instead, the warm, inviting glow of Edison bulbs and comfortable leather seating beckons you to step back[…]


Know your tool: The Jigger & Pony

1 Jigger = 0.0117188 Gallons   Shaped like an hourglass and typically made of stainless steel, the jigger is an important tool for the budding mixologist. The larger end is called the jigger and measures 1 ½ oz, and the smaller end is called the[…]