Know your glass: The Cocktail Glass


Fancy and highly functional, the martini (or cocktail) glass is the ideal glass for serving strong, chilled cocktails. Martini glasses typically hold 4 oz but can range up to 12 oz.  These glasses have a wide conical bowl and a tall stem, which allows the drinker hold and sip the beverage without warming the contents.  Bartenders will need to make sure to keep a supply of these glasses for all those dry martini, dirty martini, or even chocolate martini drinkers.

To get the most out of a perfectly-executed cocktail, it is a great idea to serve it in a chilled glass.  One option is to store martini glasses in a freezer or refrigerator and pull them out as needed.  If that is not possible, then while you are mixing up the drink, you can place the glass in a sink and fill it to the top with ice cubes and water. When you are ready to use the glass, pour out the ice water and gently shake the glass while holding it upside down to release all the remaining water droplets. The glass is now ready to use for all those chilled and strained cocktails.

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