Garnish: The Lemon Wedge


In the creation of mixed drinks, lemon wedges are an indispensable garnish. They add a pop of color and a fancy touch to many highballs such as the Long Island Iced Tea or a rum cooler. They also add a punch of tart, citrus flavor when squeezed over a gin and tonic or a vodka and soda.  Besides being a garnish, a lemon wedge is a handy tool for rimming cocktail glasses with superfine sugar or salt.

To prepare lemon wedges, first make sure the lemon is unblemished, washed clean, and free of stickers.  Second, top and tail or slice off each end of the lemon. Next, cut the lemon lengthwise into two equal halves. Then cut each half lengthwise into three or four wedges. Last, using the knife, remove the white vein and seeds on each wedge.  To prevent the wedges from drying out, place wet paper towels over the fruit and refrigerate until needed.

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