Behind the bar: Sarah Brigham

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If there is one bar that would allow you to enjoy the sunshine of Austin while staying cool sipping a cold cocktail and watching a game, it would be The Dogwood located on West 6th Street. The Dogwood is a large patio bar that welcomes both sports fans (especially Ohio State fans) and those that love to chill and listen to live music. The rock and stucco façade may remind you of the desert, but the house speciality cocktails and gourmet food will let you know you are in the South.


One of the bartenders at the Dogwood is Sarah Brigham. She has been bartending for four and a half years since she was eighteen. One of her favorite drinks to concoct is the Old Fashioned.


“I love Old Fashioneds [especially] during the wintertime. They are awesome to make. It’s a thrill when someone enjoys one.”


The whiskey barrel art featured on the ring-on-a-string game wall will definitely remind you to order one. From their menu, the Chicken N’ Waffle Sliders offer that mix of sweet and savory that would compliment an Old Fashioned. The Dogwood also offers a taste of Texas with appetizing dishes like the Jalapeno Mac N’ Cheese and The Dogwood Burger that comes with the delicious southern toppings of fried green tomatoes and queso.


Sarah likes bartending best when the bar is packed as her philosophy is “as long as I’m busy, I’m happy.” Her parting wisdom for other bartenders is, “Learn new cocktails, shots. They are always fun and there are different things to try in the industry.”


If you want to experience a finely-crafted Old Fashioned or grab a beer and watch the game, visit The Dogwood, and be sure to download the Vett Local app available in the app store or Google Play to follow Sarah and see what she and other bartenders are serving up!


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