Behind the bar: Eddy Gerusa

On the corner of Rainey and Driskill Streets near Austin’s Colorado River sits Bar 96, a neighborhood-friendly pub.   Bartender and Manager Eddy Gerusa says, “It is basically a sports bar that’s not a sports bar. We like to view ourselves as a bar that[…]

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Behind the bar: Sarah Brigham

If there is one bar that would allow you to enjoy the sunshine of Austin while staying cool sipping a cold cocktail and watching a game, it would be The Dogwood located on West 6th Street. The Dogwood is a large patio bar that welcomes[…]


Garnish: The Lemon Wedge

In the creation of mixed drinks, lemon wedges are an indispensable garnish. They add a pop of color and a fancy touch to many highballs such as the Long Island Iced Tea or a rum cooler. They also add a punch of tart, citrus flavor[…]


Know your tool: The Cocktail Stirrer

A cocktail stirrer is an important tool used in the art of mixing drinks. The rule is to use it when the mixer is non-carbonated to combine the ingredients together. Stirrers are not used with carbonated mixers as the bubbles will do the mixing and[…]


Behind the bar: Tyler Smestad

In the Warehouse District of Downtown Austin sits a bar that is a portal to a time when people dressed up to travel and were given exceptional service while they flew to their destination. This time was 1950s, and the Hangar Lounge is the bar[…]


Know your glass: The Old Fashioned Glass

“I never drink water; that is the stuff that rusts pipes.” – W.C. Fields   You know things are getting serious when the Old Fashioned glass is whipped out. The customer ordering a beverage served in this glass actually likes the taste of alcohol. An[…]


Know your tool: The Hawthorne Strainer

If you want to concoct a perfectly-chilled cocktail, one tool you must have at your side is the Hawthorne strainer. No one wants their Cosmopolitan watered-down or their martini not “straight up,” and the Hawthorne strainer is just the tool for keeping those pesky ice[…]